The annual fee of inflation has hit 7.7%, the bottom stage since January. CBS Information enterprise analyst Jill Schlesinger joins CBS Information’ Lana Zak and Errol Barnett on what this implies for households who’ve handled excessive costs for months.

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  1. Say thank you to Federal reserve. The pain they talked about is recession induced by them. Many will lose their jobs. So Fired we will go . Not to worry ,

    Fed just got paid more while they got you fired, and lie and say it's for your own good. After all the cure to inflation (higher prices) is needed . Well not really. And in the end it won't work. But they do pretend this needs to happen so they can increase their own pay. They're helping you , (or helping themselves ). Well it's one of those. You losing your job is a good thing they're telling you. Just they don't tell you it's a good thing for them, and not you. Because in the end Fed can only slow the inflation and not stop it. 100% of the new money will work it's way into higher prices , slower of faster is the only thing we're talking about. But it's better to go faster sometimes. Like now , because there's so much more coming, and we to deal with all of it.

    We're all seeing Fed increasing interest while they are the ones getting the increase in interest $ paid to them from our Nation. (Their real goal is to increase their own pay) We pay interest for the National debt directly to the Federal reserve , and they increase that rate going to themselves . (Can you say ""conflict of interest""??).

    No two ways about it we're are better off with the inflation and just let wages go up as fast as prices. They do lag, but nothing compared to Fed trying to stop wages increase (as they're doing now). This does both lets the inflation increase wages and prices until we reach a point of equilibrium to the new money supply. Which we're going to do one way or the other , no matter what. (and there's still a lot more coming in) (Slower or faster still all must go). The other thing is ,, we US people work more and produce more ourselves . All of our output counters by that % of the inflation. Example: Houses go up and people build more of them. The increase of homes directly increases supply and thereby has that amount of increase is less $ by the increase from inflation. Of course put us mostly out of work and that effect is reversed right along with that. Guess what Fed doesn't care, because they don't get paid more for that ,, so they lie….. The Fox is in-charge of the hen house right now. That is never good.

  2. The wisest thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different streams of income that doesn't depend on the govt. Especially with the current economic crisis around the world. This is still a good time to invest in Gold, silver and digital currencies(BTC, ETH..).

  3. That irrelevant. That's the percentage it raised in 30 days idiots. The way you do math a 8th grader can destroy. We are nearing 24 percent actual inflation. By the numbers, it won't stop for a long time, have to accommodate the trillions printed. Guess we will just have a war- it always stimulates the economy.


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