The US Federal Reserve has executed it. The European Central Financial institution has executed it. Now the Financial institution of England should determine whether or not to observe swimsuit and go for a much bigger than common rise in official borrowing prices when it meets on Thursday… however Suella Braverman the legal professional normal, says the BOE mustn’t increase rates of interest… Clearly, we must always take heed to blundering politicians with no expertise in finance issues…

After edging charges up by a quarter-point at a time, the monetary markets are betting that Threadneedle Avenue’s financial coverage committee (MPC) will announce a 0.5 percentage-point bounce this time, one thing that has by no means occurred for the reason that Financial institution was granted independence in 1997… However then we had the Warfare, a Pandemic and the UKs coffin knell Brexit…

The earlier time rates of interest have been raised by such a margin, John Main was the prime minister, Ken Clarke was the chancellor and Eddie George was the Financial institution of England governor. That was again in 1995, when the Treasury nonetheless had the ultimate say over rates of interest.

Patrick Minford is suggesting rates of interest will attain 5% it will cripple debtors and home costs will plummet… in an atmosphere of unfavourable fairness…

My feeling is that the UK may beat Inflation earlier than the EU however progress will nonetheless be flaccid… the folks within the UK will likely be hit so laborious by the price of residing Disaster, vitality costs, unfavourable fairness and so on…compelled to batten down spending resulting in a flurry of Companies falling on their swords…

There will likely be little cash re circulating within the financial system… akin to the impact of accelerating rates of interest… I do know this sounds extremely unfavourable however except issues change similar to Unicorns are literally actual… since you’d want them to be in case you consider in Liz Trusses financial plan…and Theresa Coffey as chancellor of the Exchequer

Let’s Re-wild and ‘BUY A TREE’ Part 1



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  1. Just when many millions cannot affords to pay fuel bills and the lock has been removed, so now every 3 months instead of 6 your bills will go up! and the tossers at BoE think it is a good idea to raise rates and take money out of folks pockets which they would more than likely have had to use to pay the leckie/gas/petrol/diesel/heating oil etc ! I have to ask in all sincerity. What planet are these BoE zoomers from ?
    Worried about inflation they are , worried about recession they are ! and they are quite happy to play their games with the ching and let people suffer or choose what to pay or what to NOT eat.
    Bunch of bloody clowns imo. They should be decorating lampposts hang em high !

  2. Like Clint told the bad guy, "You have to ask yourself one question punk", what protection does the Bank of England and the British economy have, currently, from economic variations or "hostile" economic "attacks" from the EU (unlikely) or other countries?
    I´ll answer that question for you, none, the UK is completely at the mercy of the movements of the world economy or any other competing or hostile economy that might see fit, for whatever reason, to tank it or buy it off. This is the main reason why the EU was born, Europe needs to have a structure for mutual protection, simple. But the UK saw the EU as cash cow, and now it is seeing the cow had a heard of cows and bulls protecting each other from the beasts roaming the forest in the shadows, and now all those shadows are creeping in near to the UK.
    I do not see it getting better in the near future.

  3. Marcus, I've been thinking about your greenhouse soil problem. Wood shop leavings, like sawdust and shavings, are made from seasoned wood, which in compost terms is like concentrated brown, it doesn't offer soil biota any place to grow. I think your greenhouse soil would improve with applications of green manure, cover crops, finished quality compost, and animal manure. Once you can rebalance the soil between brown and green you will be good to go. Maybe in future use the shop sawdust and shavings to make dry paths around the yard.

    The wood chip I use for example is wood chipped from freshly cut trees, which is a mix of green and brown, and breaks down pretty readily. I get it from arborists, and utility companies. Hope you can find a source.

  4. I'm on a tracker so I've been hammered today but I'm not panicking just yet. These rates have to come down in a recession and will not impact external driven inflation. Going to ride it out and not switch to a fixed rate. Boe need to press the pause button on hikes or there's going to be a serious downturn.

  5. Mortgage? Nope, not had one of those in a while thankfully. One of the benefits of the differences in property prices between rural France and Scotland (even rural Scotland), and one that I was only too glad to take advantage of after a bunch of numpties put the cross in the wrong box.

    Something that not many people seem to mention about the vote, though, is that another whole bundle of uncaring and clueless idiots didn't bother to get off their arses and vote remain. I get why some folks voted Leave, even if I think it was a colossally stupid thing to do, but not voting is to me even more stupid.

  6. All western countries are more or less in a similar boat, economy-wise. Consumption societies, with populations no longer having enough, or as much, lolly to spend. Mind you, the UK is the only western country that drilled holes in the hull of its boat (BREXIT).

  7. Marcus I know are probably right, but hoping you wrong at the same time. It sounds very bleak. To my mind this can lead to social instability, even more scary. I will keep Brits in my prayers.

  8. We the UK people need out of this brexshite UK now
    Scotland is launching its lifeboat of indy it's in the water just need to climb on board
    Allshorts keep up with the informative excellent quality content and yup I worry for the UK people too

  9. crippled manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, financial sector, trade; the list goes on and on. Thanks Brexiteers and Tory voters in general. This damage is on you and will take at least a generation to repair if at all possible. Your greed and racism is coming to get you now. I sound bitter? Yes I am. And so unbelievably angry.


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