The Federal Reserve introduced Wednesday it’s elevating its benchmark rate of interest by three-quarters of a share level, the sharpest hike since 1994. CBS Information correspondent Carter Evans studies on the choice. Then, Megan Greene, world chief economist for the Kroll Institute and a senior fellow on the Harvard Kennedy Faculty, joins CBS Information to debate how the rise may have an effect on the customers.

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  1. For the love of God….STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. By raising the interest rate no central bank could have fought the inflation successfully ,rather this type of policy will only harm the economy more by suppressing the demand ,this policy will bring the recession early .

  3. Biden says you "US Citizens" feel better today – how about the main voting population, retired – how do you feel now that you have lost 50% of your value / retirement funds, gas cost over double, food double, housing cost and interest rates out the roof, crime – all better right….
    Inflation – All Time high in US History.
    Fuel, Diesel that moves America – Highest in US History – DOUBLE – Remember Biden said he was going to shut down Fossil Fuels "work it out" – All Biden needs to do is Open up USA Energy 100% – Keystone Pipeline finish it, message it, reduce taxes on Oil and Gas, reduce limitations and regulations, promote and build infrastructure, new pipelines, refineries get going on this and message it, it will drive down futures cost of Oil per barrel / cost per gallon.
    Transporation / Production / Farming Cost up 100% due to Fuel Cost "Diesel" – this is just passed onto goods cost which you "US Citizen" pay…
    Supply Chain Issues – never in the past have we had such issues with supplies, store shelves are empty / critical items gone or in very short supply – and with Fuel Cost so high, Truckers, Truck Companies are parking their trucks that will only add to the Supply Issues – AND JOE – Don't blame shipping increase cost 1000% – that is what it takes to fill up the tank with Diesel and that cost is passed onto goods that consumers purchase – called ECONOMICS, something you and Obama failed in….
    Taxes – Joe looking to raise Corporate Taxes, where do you think Corporations get money to pay their taxes "The sale of goods" so if taxes go up, the cost of your end goods goes up "Inflation" – Biden does not understand Economics…
    Interest Rates going up to all time highs which will just add to the Inflation as it will cost you more to purchase and housing starts, construction down substantially…
    Joe going to pay off College Student Loans – 30% of the US population / making 70% pay for people that can't pay their debt – what do you get for free, do you get a check if you went to Trade School, or if you paid your college debt off in the past, what check will you get?
    Border WIDE OPEN – Criminals just walking in, drugs flowing into our country harming our children, uncontrolled illegal immigration adding to the US deficit – No Border, No Nation – not enforcing the laws on the books – Cross at a "Non" entry point, that is "Illegal Immigration" go back to the Nation you came from if you do not follow the process on our books – its called the Law that US Citizens have Voted for – "Biden" Enforce our Laws support the US Border Patrol have their backs.
    Crime out of control – DA's allowing criminals out on the street same day or days after committing a crime – the criminals have more rights than victims, Biden allowing this, US Citizens are not safe, Biden and his crew Defunding / Restricting the Police from doing their job's…
    Stockmarket crash – if your are retired, or looking to, well just keep working or go back to work, Biden does not care, you have lost half your funds thanks to Joe and his miss-management of the Economy Stockmarket down 10,000 points from the high..crash..
    Your Children – Forced CRT / BLM / Trans Sex Therapy / Trans Education being forced onto them at Schools without Parents Knowledge or approval – you have no rights, only the Teachers do….
    International Standing in the World – at the bottom / Nations will not return calls to Biden…WOKE Military has shown Weakness and we now get no respect…Thanks to Joe..
    This is Biden's World that we are living in – this is what happens when you hire WOKE Staff instead of the best, most qualified person for the job…..

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  5. let's invest in Indonesia for the large production of electric car batteries. nickel bauxite and other Indonesian commodities. ready to supply the world's high demand for green energy and electric cars

  6. EVERYONE else is raising prices on everything because they can, no other reason other than to make their money back after a horrible 2 years. Looks like the government is following suit. Why not squeeze EVERY last drop of blood from us ????


    INFLATION –> Increase quickly, CRIMINALITY –> is incredibly high, GAS AND OIL –> continue high, BORDER CONTROL –> completely lost, PUBLIC EDUCATION –> propaganda bad things like abortion and increasing hate between white and black people, TRANSGENDER –> spreading the inequality into the sports where girls and transgender compete, POLICE –> defund the police support to fight agaisnt criminality, BLM AND ANTIFA –> incentive for these domestic terrorrist groups without nothing rule and law to avoid attacks that happened and continue happen in the USA, SOCIALISM OR MAYBE THE BEGINNING OF COMMUNISM –> spreading quickly these evil ideologies for our people.

  8. The U.S system is crap . Has been since the 50s .A man working back then could buy a home himself .And have the wife stay home .Raise kids .Have a car .Then it' went too. Husband and wife had to work to pay the mortgage .Pass off their child to a day care or baby sitter while the parents went to work. And if one of the parents lost their job .The house went with it .So then many times .The parents had to get a small apartment .Or move-in with one of the parents home .The system since both people had to work to buy a home . Was geared to the very well off .Like a Walmart moving in .And having the little shop owners lose their business .The rich destroying the ones that were just barely making it .Oh anyone want to fly on my rocket .It's cheap only 55 million . Want to buy my electric car .Here real cheap 42,000 dollars if you want it to go 300 miles before recharge .I am having many made in China .

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