Capital beneficial properties taxes, defined.

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The richest in America do not make cash like most Individuals. Most individuals pay earnings taxes from a daily job. However many within the high 1% make cash off their investments, like shares, and pay capital beneficial properties taxes. Whereas regular earnings has a most tax charge of 37%, long-term capital beneficial properties tops out at simply 20%. Altering that charge, and a few loopholes that profit the wealthiest, is seen as one strategy to tax the wealthy.

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  1. To simplify: what's the tax on long-term capital gains? If you don't know go online to a long-term capital gains calculator put in $40,000. Then put in 200,000. Also there is no tax on borrowed money. Elon musk borrows against his stock and then defaults. So let's say he takes a million dollars to a bank in stock borrows $900,000. Then he simply just defaults. The bank gets the 10% and Elon pays nothing in taxes.

  2. Please note that capital gains are a tax on nothing. If I buy a capital asset and keep it twenty years, the government has induced inflation so I have gained nothing in purchasing power but they tax the nominal dollar increase anyway. The crooks here are politicians.

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  4. The tax code rewards business owners
    If you own a business, reinvest in the business, issue stock in the business, and expand the business, you'll do well. When you think about it, that's not a bad way to apply taxes. Reward people for building companies, providing jobs, and innovating. If you are here just to consume, expect to consume taxes.

  5. Cripto is a scam cripto market apps have all gone bust.invest some your money gold silver & fossil fuels because those big oil companies now own most of your energy suppliers & are making silly profits in uk but our government will still not set up a 1 off tax on these big companies to put into uk public services.mean while the mega rich have got even richer during pandemic.working class to middle classes (I hate describing uk class system)are the real economy,paying their taxes VAT spending their money in local businesses/shops every day.but we will get squeezed by the Tory party & our public services.we can all complain about some of public services but without them we would all be in trouble.just remember it was the Tory party’s last 12 yrs of government that got us into this trouble.


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