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So that you wanna know methods to repay a 30 12 months mortgage in 5 years? It’s essential to’ve been an over achiever in class as a result of early mortgage payoff is freaking arduous! If you wish to know the hacks on methods to repay your mortgage earlier you must perceive that it may require numerous money and numerous endurance, however it may be performed. This video talks all about methods to payoff your mortgage rapidly and different cash saving tricks to make your mortgage payoff journey simpler. So, if you would like the tea on paying off your mortgage in 5 years then watch the video!

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  1. I’m sorry, but if you’re “trying to” teach people financial education then please understand the process yourself. Your math is way off, your advice isn’t sound and your examples are not realistic. But mostly your math is full of errors. 😔

  2. I am on a schedule to pay 30 in 9 and save over 100k by doing so. My mort was small in the first place, 217800 and the interest rate is 3.75.

  3. Make bi-weekly payments of your monthly mortgage and 1 interest payment a year. That will give you 2xtra payments towards principle along with any other xtra you give🤩 when making principle payments, be SPECIFIC as to where you want to apply the xtra money

  4. Ok I just closes on a house 2-1-22. My mother gave me $50K for a down payment. The house is $355K and already gained $13K in equity. My first payment was due 4-1-22. I put $1000 toward the principle as soon as the loan got into my account. Last week I made my regular payment to push the due date to 5-1-22. I thought about throwing 1000 to the principle everytime I get paid. My fist payment I realized that I skipped a couple months

  5. Yesssss great video….I’m about to pay it off at the end of 2022 December. In 11 years for me. Paying extra a month every month helps. It’s how I did it. Good luck and be blessed 😊

  6. Refinanced to a 15yr last year. 2.5%. took five years off what we previously owed. Balance was around $101,xxx. Now, we are at $96,122 in less than a year. Going to amp up principal payments from now on. Want this thing paid off asap! So many more opportunities available once it's paid off. It also will change our family tree. Will be the first in our family to be completely debt free.

  7. After seeing the effect of the extra I was paying on principal from August 2021 to January 2022, starting February 2022 I'm putting a whole extra mortgage minimum payment towards the principal each month. Plus I plan to do an extra lump sum payment every month after I fill a decent emergency fund amount. I'm aiming to be done in under 3 years for my 20 year mortgage

  8. YES! In Australia our houses are three times the cost of the US so our mortgages are HUGE! This is a massive, weary journey – help me keep going 🙂

  9. * SHUT UP *

    All Mortgages – All Loans – All Financial Loans – All Overdrafts – All Bills – All Taxes – All Insurance and everything else to do with cash, and someone demanding it… is all Fraud…you have been made to look like a fool and even treated as such… these men and women are all SCAMMING you… there are all known as Billy Bullshitters … they are also very Narcissists

    This is 100% Facts, and many people are dealing with the subject matter, yet are all clueless on this simple subject matter, as no one really knows nor fully comprehends what cash is…and where it comes from? how it is created? and who creates it? so many people blindly follow and obey these Corporate Whores… most of them are also very uneducated and incompetent in the subject matter there are dealing with… all in banks are all misleading you and everyone else… 100% facts….

  10. We paid off our mortgage in 3 years. we were making less than 90k a year. I made a video on how we did it in 3 years in my YouTube channel. it is even crazy to think that we did it in 3 years. congratulations on your new purchase. I will definitely will be following your journey. We are using the same strategy to pay off our over 200k mortgage we just acquired 3 months ago.

  11. Challenge accepted. I just bought my first home this year (Feb 2021). I have a 30 year mortgage but I'm trying to pay off in less than 15 years. Interest rate is really good (2.75%) so we shall see!

  12. Been in this house 2 yrs and mad that I didn't figure this out in the previous home. Knowing that I'm only paying interest is a turn off!! I've started making payments to the current principal and will continue as long as I am able. Good luck everybody!


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