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  1. The stock and crypto market is filled with people who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. That's why I will forever be in-depted to you Clara, you've changed my life, I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear, you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, Thanks Ms Clara Greens

  2. Mr Max, you absolutely make me laugh so hard when I see your title cards with Biden clapping for another economic disaster!!!! You are so doggone creative and I appreciate the great laugh!! 😂😂😂😂

  3. Is your job really all that safe for the next 30 years? Is your marriage and that of everyone in your neighbourhood really that safe for the next 30 odd years so that no one there will feel pressure to sell? – these 30yr mortgages will kill people.

  4. In prior housing crashes, once the home values dropped too much, people would just stop paying and let the bank take it back, flooding the market with foreclosures which pushed prices down even further. Unfortunately, this needs to happen again. I feel bad for anyone who paid $400,000 for a house that in reality is only worth half that, but that is what always has happened in the past when the FED fucks everything up with low interest rates for too long. END THE FED!!!

  5. Takeout equity lines on the fake equity we have in our homes and then invest it in the market. Wait a year or so sell your positions, take out the cash flush the house and buy a new one cash.

  6. We bought a house with a 7.5 acres of land in a rural area in 2014 for $175.000. As of today this house, that has been sitting here and producing nothing, (although we have made considerable and important upgrades on it maybe around $50.000) now has an estimated worth of $540.000. There are no houses for sale in my area, (there aren’t even that many houses here) but there are few big plots of land for sale and they are priced even higher than my house. Do you think that properties in rural areas will hold their current value. I actually saw a how’s for sale down the road from me, it’s half the size of my house and has only about 4 acres of land. It’s listed for $499.000 Do you think this is realistic?

  7. You really need to stop using hyperbolic terms, or phrases to bait viewers. If you want credibility, then be factual. You really think a 90% drop will happen in the housing market ???
    Ever heard of crying wolf ?
    You will end up having you sheep eaten up by wolves if you keep throwing those inflated numbers around as click baits !!!! I am going to stop watching you until you start being factual and realistic !

  8. In 2019 we had home prices approach record highs adjusted for inflation. From 2020 to now home values increased 50%, then interest rates doubled (and continue to rise), leading to ownerships costs having doubled just as we're walking into a recession. There's no plausible way home prices don't plummet.

  9. This site is fear mongering and fake news! The housing market is too big to fail! There can never be a crash if this housing market is proped up buy the US treasury dept and the Bank of Canada! Wake up! This market is proof that even a massive interest rate increase the housing market will be susidised by banks so the banks don't go under. There is so much consumer debt they can never allow the stock market or the housing market take a big hit as this spells the end to everything we know!! Crypto currencies are the stupidest investment anyone could ever make and when you think your going to win and you find your bankrupt, idiots always loose! The casino would have offered you way better odds!

  10. Here in Atlanta, investors are buying up everything. They call my parents home constantly to ask if they can buy their home. Not sure if regular folks here will ever experience purchasing a home.

  11. Crash is comming! Insane ppl who bought unsustainable houses will lose them! Crash wil be ~70% os actual values/prices! Run! Crash wont go away for at least 5 years! Get chash!!

  12. Ken Griffin is moving Citadel's headquarters to Miami after decrying Chicago's crime rate and voicing frustrations with political leadership in Illinois.

  13. wasn't there a surge in institutional buyers for houses last year? I remember some news about this at least in the US, were listings got sold hours after being published, people queueing to see properties.

  14. NYC and elsewhere ( I suppose) commercial real estate investors were expecting a collapse from the vacancies brought on by Covid lockdowns. They also worried that businesses that folded wouldn't come back and stay-at-home work would be the rule. Some of that continues today but it isn't being reported. . My neighbor a few houses down still spends most of the week at home. Before i retired, I loved at home work because I was able to use the hours so much better and didn't have to resort to look busy tactics or put up with a cranky or attitudinal bosses. I think people in big firms know by long experience how to make a little job last a long time and rack up as many hours of billable time as they can get away with. My worst client was a large architectural firm that was one of the most bureaucratized. They put two (too many) people to the task of interfacing" with me (I know some of the corporate jargon, anyway) and a job that could have been done in about a week took about six. I gave fixed quotes based on time and materials actually spent and I was honest and fair. But their delays made the quote ridiculously low for the time it finally took doing nothing but waiting. I worked on other things here and didn't pester them. Maybe I should have? I worked for a defense contractor for two years but had almost nothing to do most of the time. Had I stayed there and racked up savings I would have still probably been wiped out by the 2008 financial crisis or any number of smaller crashes that could wipe out 401K accounts even before that.
    I found that working at home and working for clients in the architectural business in Boston meant I didn't have to travel much. I could work on this house between jobs (DIY always saves tons of money) and could live on less money than would be required in an office. I didn't get the perks but I also didn't have to bend over backwards (or forwards) to get a share of dubious and ever shrinking funny money.

  15. Not very familiar with U.S real estate, is it common for people to sign 30 year fixed rate mortgages? Here in Canada, the maximum you can lock in for is 5 years and then you have to re-new it at whatever the current rate is. There is also something called a variable interest rate that actually changes your payments year after year depending on the current interest rate.


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