On this video, I speak in regards to the professionals and cons of standard loans. I get into what kinds of issues make standard loans higher for some debtors and possibly a foul concept for others. A traditional mortgage has professionals and cons similar to another mortgage.

Typical loans are the commonest and most used loans however they don’t seem to be proper for everybody.

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  1. Would you mentioning trigger terms here not trigger trid? I’m assuming that if it’s for educational purposes such as your video you don’t have to disclose apr etc but nobody has been able to give me a solid answer. Thanks.

  2. Hi! I LOVE your content. I will try to keep this as short as possible:

    I have the higher credit. Above 720
    My husband credit score is I belive 689

    I lost my job during covid. Unemployed 10 months and started a new career field( Been there since February 1). Prior to covid, in my previous industry, been there for several years.

    My husband has 2 years of the same job.
    And he is the bread winner.
    We have strong savings.
    Very good income.

    Husband has a truck that we recently refinanced 2 weeks ago but it's "up there" in price. Other than that, I have a few thousand in student loan debt(under 10k). And no credit card or personal loans.

    What do you think as far as us applying for a conventional loan? With me switching jobs, I'm not sure if my work history will be a problem.

  3. Awesome content! I have a quick question. When you take out a conventional loan, lets say 250,000, but you purchase the house for 200,000. If I wanted to use the other 50k for renovations and upgrades to the house, would there be strict guidelines to how I use the money for the home?

  4. Great information. I have worked my way from a 450 to a solid 720 from November 2019 to now. Now I am ready to get a home and this information is what I need for sure. To bad I am in Florida. I am taking my time because I really do want a conventional loan. I hope you keep making more videos.

  5. I have no choice to go to a conventional loan and apply on my own. My spouse has below average credit and has some debt. So adding her will effect my loan application if I add my spouse. Since they will run her credit. Is that correct? Can I put down the 3% instead of the 5% to have a little extra money for emergency funds or put the 5% down to have a lower monthly payment for the conventional loan?

  6. Hey Matt, loved the video! Quick Question, Im looking to buy here in the Bay Area, Ca… The house Im looking at needs work and the agent says that I can only do conventional, Do I need a social or can I get a conventional loan with ITIN? Does it vary on the lender?


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